What we are working on

Posted by Calvin Dusch on

Right now we are putting together a T shirt fundraiser for a local community area. Bilgers Rocks has been around for years! Its a beautiful natural rock formation in the Grampian, PA area. Its funded by donations and volunteers. Recently it was struck by vandalism. In what is already a very trying time for everyone in our country and communities, this is the last thing we would expect to happen. How ever a group of us have decided to come together, Design a t shirt, and raise some money! Our intent is to raise enough capital to help purchase and or replace the items damaged from the vandals. You can head over the the collections page and pick up one of these shirts it would mean the world to us! We have all been going to this area since we were kids, and now with all of us having families of our own, we now take our children to this wonderful area! More on this later