Shop updates and upcoming benefit!

Posted by Calvin Dusch on

So I’m not sure if any one reads these blogs just yet, But what the hell here we go! The Bilgers rocks benefit is almost finished up. All orders are printed, and I would say that 95% of shipped orders are shipped. Pick up orders are boxed, and ready for June 13th out at the rocks. We Sold well over 140 total garments, and its looking like we will be donating well over $1000 to Bilgers Rocks association! This little print shop of mine has opened a new door for me! I have always wanted to find a way to give back to my local communities. And offering an affordable easy benefit hosting program like the Bilgers Rocks t shirt benefit is doing just that. So that brings us up to the next project! We have teamed up with a local group called Lost & Hound. Here is what they do from their words! 


We are a K9 mantrailing team based out of central Pennsylvania. We are 100 percent volunteer so we are selling T shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and window decals to help offset some of the costs of training seminars, equipment, and supplies needed for public education and outreach. We would greatly appreciate your support to aid us in continuing to serve central and western Pennsylvania

With That being said, Please keep an eye out on the catalog page and if you would like to support them, You can pick up a shirt or hoodie through our page!

If you are interested in hosting a T-shirt benefit through us please reach out to us! We would love to help you!

Thanks for reading my rambles 


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