Shop updates and such

Posted by Calvin Dusch on

As we head into July, And one of our favorite holidays, I figured I would put up another blog post before the holiday weekend. First a final update on this years Bilgers Rocks Annual benefit. We closed out the benefit by spending our day out at the rocks delivering shirts and selling extras. In total we sold almost 200 garments and all 25 can koozies! Extra shirts we had left over at the end of the day were turned over to the association to sell in their store. Our total donated to the rocks was $1310. This money covered security camera installation and restrooms. This was a very humbling thing for me take on and I cant thank everyone enough for their purchases! So thank you!


Currently we are hosting for the Lost and Hound search and rescue group. Over the last few weeks we have received over 50 orders for their event! 

The 4th of July is this coming weekend!! This is something that we look forward to all year! We host a big family cook out every year, But this year is different due to the virus pandemic we have going on. Our home town will be a little bit less busy. None the less we will celebrate our freedoms, and of course there will be bbq and fireworks! 

The shop has been staying pretty steady which is an awesome thing! I would love to do this full time, And I think we are slowly moving in that direction! New clients and returning ones, and those were two goals we set out for this year! I hope to expand our marketing a bit more and let people know they have an affordable option when it comes to screen printing with out sacrificing quality! This brings me to the next thing. We are no longer offering decals. I want to have 100% of my focus on screen printing and growing my skills in that area. 

Well thats enough of me rambling, Please have a safe and happy 4th of July! 

- Calvin