Its August!

Posted by Calvin Dusch on

Shop is still bumping coming into August! As some of you know, And some of you don't, We are having a baby! We are expecting a baby boy named Declan. We will be shutting down shop for a few weeks come August 23rd to welcome this little fella into our lives. But don't worry! We will be back at it soon enough. As with anything in life, Family has and will always come first! You may have noticed a few new things on the website as well. Once we get back into the swing of things We want to get our clothing line fired back up! Neotrade Clothing Co Is my brain child. Something I started with my good friend and tattoo Artist Ginger about a year and a half ago. Clothing with tattoo artwork! How about that? Right?! So if you are into that kind of thing or you just want to support a few guys trying to make a spot in this world, Keep your eyes open for some new things on that! I will do a full on blog post on Neotrade soon enough to give everyone a bit more depth on what our plans are! 


- Calvin